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Genres : Drama, Action
Actors : Vikram Prabhu, Nikki, Bindu
Directors : S. S. Surya
Country : India
Duration : 2h 20 Mins
Released : 2018
IMDB : 6/10
Pakka is an 2018 Tamil language action comedy film directed by debutant S. S. Surya. Produced by Benn Consortium Studios Ltd, starring Vikram Prabhu in the lead role alongside Nikki Galrani and Bindu Madhavi.

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Movie Name:
SS Surya
It has been over four years since Vikram Prabhu tasted success at the box office. Will his recent flick Pakka live up to the expectations? Doesn’t look like Vikram Prabhu has been able to do much with Pakka either, says our review.

When anyone points out that nepotism helps star kids have a great career in the film industry, let them take a look at Vikram Prabhu. He had a dream debut with Kumki and his subsequent films Ivan Vera Mathiri and Arima Nambi went on to surprise the audience. But the films that have hit the screens since 2014 have all been disasters, and the actor is still struggling to gain a foothold in the industry.

His latest film Pakka, directed by SS Surya, posed a new challenge to him. He is seen in two roles in this so-called ‘comedy-drama’ devoid of comedy. While we think the director would have included a cliched twin sibling story, he took a complete U-turn with the story of Pakka.

No, the two Vikram Prabhus in the movie do not play brothers. They’re just two different people who are identical (don’t ask how).

Pakka starts off with an unwanted introduction scene (with Ajith’s Aaluma Doluma playing in the background) to establish one of Vikram Prabhu’s characters, Dhoni Kumar. He is hungover and has nearly collapsed on the train tracks and that’s when he sees Bindhu Madhavi’s Nadhiya on the adjacent tracks.

Nadhiya, who is deeply in love with the other Vikram Prabhu named Pandi, thinks of Dhoni Kumar as her estranged lover. She realises later on that he is not Pandi, when Dhoni Kumar proves that he has no mole on his hand. We are left rolling our eyes seeing this ‘cult’ film unfold on screen.

Half an hour into the story, we are as clueless as the director as to what the story is all about. Nadhiya falls in love with Pandi because he saved her from a toy helicopter. She runs away from her home to marry Pandi. There are so many scenes between the two actors, but none of them actually explain why they fell in love in the first place. We hope that the reason isn’t the toy helicopter.

It is still unclear as to why Vikram Prabhu chose to be part of this film. It has nothing to offer; literally speaking, there is no story. Except for the clothes and their names, there is no particular character trait that sets Pandi and Dhoni Kumar apart. Honestly, it is high time Vikram took a step back and analysed what was happening with his career, and reinvented himself. If he still wants to call himself an actor, that is.

Bindu Madhavi’s lip-sync is so out of sync that it makes Shriya Saran look better. Trying to emote by talking gibberish leaves the audience completely uninterested in the movie.

Director SS Surya, a debutant director has failed miserably by churning out a film like Pakka. There is nothing in the film that actually evokes any sort of positive emotion from the audience. For about two and a half hours, the audience is either yawning or doing what they do best in an empty theatre.

The film has references to Ajith, Vijay, Dhoni and Rajinikanth. Probably, Surya thought at least the mere mention of these personalities would bring him applause. The director didn’t quite understand that the audience is well past that phase.

Every serious scene is either pointless or emotionless or crass. For example, there is a scene where Nikki Galrani (Rajini Radha) and her teammates take part in a kabaddi match. All the men in the village happily lust over them just by looking at them playing.

And what bothers the most is the spelling of kabaddi in Tamil, in all the posters put up in the film. With the posters, died Tamil and the audience as well.

In the climax, Nikki Galrani manages to look Japanese just by wearing a wig. Hey, if Amy Jackson can look Mallu in Theri with a wig, why can’t Nikki look Japanese, right?

After two and a half hours of sitting through Pakka, the audience realises that logic has died a thousand deaths and somehow, they have made it out of the theatres ALIVE.

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