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Puppy Synopsis: A final year college student gets the shock of his life after knowing that he’s gonna become a father as his girlfriend shows positive pregnancy test result. How is he going to face his parents?

Puppy Review: As the title goes, the film revolves around a dog’s (Puppy) sincere love towards its owner, Prabhu (Varun), a final year college student, who is unsure of what he wants in life. As a sexually-starved person, the only thing that keeps bothering him is the strong urge to lose his virginity. He seeks his senior’s (Yogi Babu) advice for the same and ends up making goof-ups.

However, lady luck smiles at him in the form of Ramya (Samyuktha Hegde), who becomes a tenant in his house. They fall in love with each other and their sexual curiosity lands them in trouble. Both of them get the shock of their lives after getting to know that they are going to become parents, after which they start blaming each other. Meanwhile, Puppy suffers health issues which become a concern for Prabhu and Ramya. A decent climax follows which connects the emotions of Puppy, Prabhu and Ramya making it a happy ending.

What works in the film is some of funny scenes between Varun and Yogi Babu. Varun, who is seen playing the protagonist’s role for the first time, puts up a decent job and shines in some scenes, especially the pre-climax portions. Samyuktha’s character could have been developed more though she delivers what has been given to her. Yogi Babu saves many scenes with his one-liners – rather than being a side-lick to the hero, his character has a different angle, too.

The whole story revolves around two or three characters, and hence, there are instances where some scenes appear far-stretched. A plot like this require a few nail-biting moments, but the screenplay fails to engage audience in crucial scenes and becomes too predictable, making it a little difficult for viewers to empathise with the lead characters.

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