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Genre: Tribute act * something given to a celebrity, done as an expression of esteem.

Synopsis: The film is directed by Kabali Selva, the title is about the Superstar Rajinikanth’s date of birth 12.12.1950 and as the Superstar’s Rajinikanth birthday is nearing, this would be a cracking treat for the Superstar fans. The movie move on the track of five hard-core fans, all were contriving to work on their master’s wish to fulfil.

Story: Master Kabali Selva’s students are Ramesh Tilak, Aadhavan, Ajay Prasad, Shaif and Prasad Kirubakaran, who wants to keep happy Kabali Selva on the release date of “Kabali” movie, but he was prison for a decade, that he was visualizing the area councillor remove a poster of Rajinikanth, and even insult Rajinikanth poster, this made by accidentally Kabali Selva kills the area councillor and that his father break up his marriage life and separate his wife and son, the man who spends his days in prison, Selva’s students were planning to bring him out on parole to watch the first day first show of the Rajinikanth picture of “Kabali”. The five guys plans to get a parole. But the parole was not conceded for the reasons for watching Rajini film on the first day, they decide to kill Selva’s grandfather, who is counting for the days. Unfortunately, the old man passed away before the film’s release, Selva’s students were searching for a superior officer to get a parole. Once in a situation Thambi Ramaiah refuse for the reason and the guys watches Thambi Ramaiah, who is along with a girl and the guys uses this and blackmail the officer the reason behind is Thambi Ramaiah, who is keep fear on his wife’s words and they started to menacing him that take steps for the parole and the dead body was kept under the control of a superior officer for six days in a lodge. The guys will fulfil their master happiness and the story moves along with revenge. Check out who was avenging their master!

The strengthening of the film is Thambi Ramaiah’s Kamal Hassan movies get up and the comedies of Yogi Babu are highlighted in every frame. But the director keeps out the positive or negative life of fan’s life?

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