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Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan also known as AAA, is an Indian Tamil-language Action romantic comedy film written and directed by Adhik Ravichandran and produced by S. Michael Rayappan under banner of Global Infotainment.

Initial release: June 23, 2017
Director: Adhik Ravichandran

AAA SYNOPSIS: A local gangster in Madurai bids adieu to his past life. Years after, in his mid-50s, he falls in love with a young girl, which changes his life

AAA REVIEW: It’s been a while since a film of Simbu has hit screens. Quite naturally, fans went berserk when STR appeared on screen. The actor’s intro scene was designed keeping his fans in mind. Madurai Michael (Simbu), a paid thug, escapes the jail in style, though the scene is a little exaggerated. He falls in love with, perhaps the most beautiful girl (Shriya Saran) in town. He tries to woo her in all the possible ways, and eventually succeeds in making her go weak in knees. She asks him to lead a normal life, but fate had different plans for them.

Cut to Ashwin thatha, a gracefully aged man in his mid-50s who is yearning for a partner in his life. He gets interested in Ramya (Tamannaah), a younger girl whom he tries to impress in many ways. Will Ramya understand Ashwin’s mind? Simbu, as expected gives an energetic performance as Madurai Michael, but his avatar as the much-hyped Ashwin thatha isn’t that convincing, thanks to the odd makeup applied on his face.

VTV Ganesh, Motta Rajendran and Mahat are adequate as Simbu’s aides in the film. Tamanaah oozes glamour in almost all the scene she appears and is a treat to watch. Yuvan Shankar Raja has once again provided peppy, fast-paced background score. But a confusing screenplay without proper connection between the past and present spoils the little fun the film offers. What starts as a supposedly mass masala entertainer which is tailor-made for fans, ends up as a below average fare, thanks to the unconvincing second half, clichéd dialogues and scenes about love failure. A suspense cameo towards the end makes things worse as the film, by then, makes one yawn unapologetically. A saving grace in the last few minutes was the inclusion of another character of STR, the story of which would be portrayed in the second instalment. But how many of us would be interested in taking that risk is the question. Go without any expectations. The film has ‘Adhik stamp’ written all over it.

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