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Comali Story: A youngster in his mid-30s goes through a series of struggles after coming to terms with the fact that he was in coma for 16 years

Comali ComaliReview: First things first – Comali is a comedy movie, which has several sequences which lack logic. But as the makers have billed it as a fun and ‘no-brainer’ movie, those sequences turn out to be harmless on screen. The film starts off with Ravi’s (Jayam Ravi) voice over as his growth from a small school boy in 80s to a plus two student in late 90s, is presented in an engaging way, thank to his combination scenes with Yogi Babu.

Like most of the Tamil Film heroes, Ravi falls in love with his classmate Nikita (Samyuktha Hegde) at the very first sight. After a few days, he gifts her an idol which he considers close to his heart, following which, an incident occurs which leads him to coma stage for a decade-and-a-half. Ravi, who wakes up after these many years in 21st century, takes time to cop up with the reality and the slew of changes the world has been subjected to, during the course of time.

Ravi later becomes close to another girl (Kajal Aggarwal), from whom he gets to know that the idol he gifted to Nikita years ago was an expensive one. How he tries to get it back, which now belongs to a notorious MLA, forms the rest of the story.

Given the innovative and hilarious plot the movie had, there was lot of scope to build interesting scenes throughout the film. But an entertaining first half didn’t have an equally engaging latter half because of some melodramatic scenes. Though those scenes conveyed some of the harsh reality of today’s times, it becomes a little preachy after a point. The performances of Jayam Ravi and Vinodhini, coupled with Hip Hop Adhi’s music make the emotional scene towards the climax works to a good extent. There are scenes which 90s kids can relate to, staying almost true to how the makers had claimed, and some episodes which involve Ravi’s innocence and ignorance are depicted well. The scenes which glorify objectification to evoke laughter could have been avoided.

Yogi Babu does score big in a few scenes – he bring the house down and complements the humour scenes with Ravi. Samyuktha and Ananthi are convincing in their characters. Kajal’s characterisation and Shah Ra’s over the top performance in some scenes should have dealt with in a better way. KS Ravikumar, who appears in two looks, aptly fits the bill in the role of a dreaded politician.

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