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Iruttu Movie Synopsis: A cop who takes charge at a police station in a hill station goes after the reasons behind a few unnatural deaths which seem mysterious like never before

Iruttu Movie Reveiw: The biggest challenge for a filmmaker who makes a horror movie is to engage the audience by providing edge of the seat moments and the presentation of a convincing backstory. The makers of Iruttu succeeds in doing both to a certain extent. The film which is set against a hill station begins with mysterious unnatural darkness in atmosphere when the time is only 12 in the afternoon. The residents over there start panicking like never before. What makes things worse is when they get to know that six people were brutally murdered in the dark. Quite shockingly, the suicide of an influential person, too, add to the people’s woes.

Meanwhile, Chezhiyan (Sundar C) and his family move to the hill station as the former takes charge as the new cop there. How he solves the mystery behind the unnatural murders forms the crux of the story.

At a time when annoying mindless horror comedy films are made, a serious horror film like Iruttu is a relief for viewers. The cinematography beautifully captures the beauty of hill station and adds the required mystic element to it. The screenplay is decently engaging without any unnecessary deviations till the end.

Performances of Sundar C and Baby Manasvi help in bringing the required mood to the horror story. Sai Dhanshikaa and VTV Ganesh too made their presence felt. Though some scenes remind you of Hollywood flicks, the flashback portion was not the same clich├ęd story.

What didn’t work was the shoddy CG scenes which spoil the seriousness in some scenes. The screenplay could have been more intriguing to keep the viewers hooked completely.

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