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Review: While there have been Kannada remakes of the Tamil Kanchana franchise, the third instalment of the film has released in Kannada as a dubbed version. Kanchana 3 gives audiences what they expect – a man who gets scared easily, his bumbling, but good-hearted family, a ghost that loves to spook them, tantrics, a sentimental backstory and revenge. Unfortunately, since this has been done so many times over, the formula has become somewhat stale by now.

Horror-comedy has been this franchise’s calling card, and despite being over the top and loud, scenes in the previous films were more amusing. In this film, it all seems to feel repetitive (there are not one, but five instances of the same jump scare scenario, which only shows a lack of imagination). Also, things in this film seem to be even more infantile, and the actors seem to realise this and simply cash in their cheques.

The film’s primary target audience includes children, so the objectification of the three female leads is condemnable. Almost every character, including the girls’ parents, keep referring to them as ‘figurunga’ (a reference to their figures). Every scene that has the female leads has a character who asks them to sleep with the hero.

Despite all this, the film tries to pass off as one that is socially responsible. The franchise has previously empowered the marginalised, like transgenders and the differently-abled with the backstory. But in this instalment, there seems to be exploitation of the underprivileged to boost the star’s image. In the previous films, there were other actors playing sympathetic characters, but here, the star himself chooses to play the saviour, which confirms our suspicion

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