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Neeya 2 Movie Review: Unlike Neeya? (the 1979 film), Neeya 2, which was announced cashing in on the popularity of the former, isn’t a revenge flick. A triangular love story set in two time periods, its plot revolves around a shape-shifting serpent which goes all out to find its lover, and the struggles it faces in its task.

One of the few positives of the film is that it stays true to the genre by not including unnecessary elements. The cinematography is the biggest plus of the movie which has strictly average CG works in many scenes and not-so-bad music. Raai Laxmi, who has more screen presence than the others in the movie, delivers a decent performance as a snake-woman who undergoes several transitions, while the others are just OK. The multiple flashbacks and weak screenplay make it difficult for the audience to empathise with the characters. The ambitious climax is a letdown, thanks to the ineffective execution. The first requisite for a plot like this to work is the believability factor, and the film lacks it in most of the sequences.

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