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Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Synopsis: Two lovers, who are different in almost all ways, get into a live-in relationship. They go through tough times as their approach towards life do not match with each other’s.

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Review: Rom-coms aren’t new to Tamil cinema, though it’s been a while since we have had a film that stayed true to its genre. The popularity Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson gained from the reality show Bigg Boss Tamil and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music were enough to go for Pyaar Prema Kaadhal with decent expectations. As expected, the film is a romantic story, and like the title which is in different languages, the lead pairs, too, are quite different from each other in their behaviour, lifestyle and views on several things.

Sri (Harish) is a typical boy-next-door from a middle-class family — a simple youngster whose life revolves around his parents. He becomes quite sentimental about his mother, who is always concerned about him. Apart from parents, he is close to Thangaraj (Munishkanth), a tailor who stays nearby his home. Then there’s Sindhuja (Raiza), a practical girl, who pursues her dream of owning a restaurant in Los Angeles. She is her dad’s world — the latter is an avid dancer and a person with progressive mindset. Sri and Sindhuja happen to meet in the same office. Sri, who falls for her, is clueless about making the first move, while Sindhuja understands it. Both of them become friends very soon and in no time, they take the relationship to next level. When the question of living a life together comes up, a traditional Sri opts for marriage, but an ambitious Sindhuja believes in live-in relationship. They start arguing the moment they take a decision and their equation gets complicated further.

Though a slew of films that release in Kollywood claim to be in the romcom genre, most of them hardly have ‘rom’ or ‘com’ in them. Pyaar Prema Kaadhal is a relief from such tiring attempts. Harish and Raiza’s chemistry is the highlight of the film coupled with Yuvan’s music, though he is capable of giving a better output. The lead pair manages to stay true to the characters they portray. The performances of Rekha, Pandian, Anand Babu and Munishkanth, too, are adequate. Unlike certain love stories in the past, which indulged in women-bashing and unapologetic misogyny, this film balances the viewpoints of both the characters when they argue in the emotional scenes. A little more emotional connect would have worked wonders for the film, which, however, manages to stay away from a clichéd climax. The director seems to have an understanding of his target audience and has delivered what’s needed for them.

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