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THIRUTTU PAYALE 2 SYNOPSIS: The life of a surveillance specialist turns topsy-turvy when a womanizer starts blackmailing his wife. The former tries to nab him using his power and expertise in technology

THIRUTTU PAYALE 2 REVIEW: In this modern age, where the endless possibilities of technology are savoured by people, do we really anticipate about its diverse ill-effects? With Thiruttu Payale 2, Susi Ganeshan attempts to explore the life of a couple, which gets badly affected due to the indirect intervention of technology. Selvam (Simha) and Agal Vilakku (Amala), who had a love marriage, is leading an ‘almost happy’ life. An intruder which enters Agal’s life makes their life a mess, which reminds Selvam at one particular moment that their relation wasn’t as transparent as he thought it was.

Selvam is a dedicated surveillance expert and is assigned the job of tapping the phone calls of suspicious people. In fact, his senior instructs him to follow the calls of his batch mates, too, who are in reputed positions in the police department. Little did Selvam realise that he was getting obsessed with his profession, thus missing out good moments with his wife. But his parents have been noticing this. Known for his honest nature and his sharp intuitions, Selvam, however, had another side, that of a corrupt officer, which he has been hiding from others. When everything was going fine, a womaniser, Balakrishnan aka Balki (Prasanna), who is good at impressing ladies through Facebook, befriends Agal. But the latter realised that what started off as a friendship has been giving her nightmares. Quite confused, Agal chooses a friend and brother to share her woes. Interestingly, Selvam, who is used to listening to others’ conversations, gets the shock of his life when he understands that his wife is struggling to escape from her Facebook friend’s blackmails.

The plot gets intriguing when both the husband and wife starts dealing the issue, but hide the issue from each other. Taking advantage of this, Balki tries various unfair ways to torture Agal. Selvam doesn’t want to hurt Agal by asking her all these, and the latter is scared of her husband’s reaction if she reveals it. Balki keeps spoiling the plans laid by husband and wife to nab him. What follows is a cat-and-mouse game with some engaging scenes.

As an intelligent criminal with measured instincts, Prasanna puts up an impressive performance. Amala, as the confused and doting wife, was good in conveying the right emotions and Simha, as a frustrated husband, who is also an ambitious professional, was apt enough. The scene involving all the three in the couple’s house is a delight to watch, perhaps the best sequence in the movie. The dialogues on relationships, technology, romance, etc, were quite impressive. An unusual cameo of the director himself, analysing the various sequences in the film, too, was a novel idea, though we saw a different version of it in Taramani earlier this year.

Through Thiruttu Payale, Susi intends to convey that everyone lies or pretends in one or the other way, based on the situations they encounter. The premise and characters were attention-grabbing, though there were flaws with regard to its pace. A little complexity in the screenplay as the plot progresses could have been avoided. The story deserved a more interesting ending, too.

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