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Yaanum Theeyavan is an upcoming Indian Tamil feature action crime film written and directed by debut director Prashanth G Sekar. The film is based on a number of true events collectively. Wikipedia
Initial release: September 15, 2016
Director: Prashanth G Sekar
Music composed by: Achu Rajamani

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Debutant director Prashanth G Sekar’s ‘Yaanum Theeyavan’ is an action entertainer. Raju Sundaram plays the serial killer, his first ever negative role and this coupled with the pretty intriguing sneak peak released a few days before the release of the film gathered some attention for this film which stars predominantly newcomers or less popular actors. But sadly, ‘Yaanum Theeyavan’, is mostly a patience testing film with an outdated concept, lacklustre writing and below par execution.

Michael (Ashwin Jerome) and Sowmya (Varsha Bollamma) are college mates turned lovers. As Sowmya’s father arrange for her higher studies and marriage with a relative in Netherlands. she elopes with Mike and the couple enter wedlock with the help of their friends.

When they are about to start a fresh life they get caught by the ruthless serial killer Pasupathy (Raju Sundaram) and his associates who take them as his hostages and start torturing the young couple. This is because Sowmya has accidentally witnessed a murder committed by Pasupathy and also because Mike has severely attacked and caused injuries to Pasupathy and his men when they intimidate and harass his lover while they were on a night out.

Pasupathy tops the list of most wanted criminals but the police could not arrest him because there is no proof for any of the murders he has committed and also because he is the loyal henchman of a minister Sethuramalingam (Santhanabharathi).

A Police inspector Jayaprakash (Ponvannan) who is about to retire in six months time vows to arrest or kill Pasupathy before his service ends.

Does Jayaprakash succeed in his last mission? What happens to Mike and Sowmya? These questions are answered in the rest of the film.

Reading the story line of the film may give an impression that this could be an edge of the seat action thriller. But Prashanth wastes this potential of the plot with unimaginative ideas in predominant part of the film. Most of the scenes, dialogues and songs have a heavy hangover of films and Television serials of 1990s.

When the lead couple elope and there is not going to be any problem in their wedding since they are majors But the director wastes a few scenes to project it as if the couple are at a big risk and also introduces a lawyer character played by VTV Ganesh to eventually get them married off in front of the Police Commissioner. This is just an example of the insignificant scenes and ideas throughout the film.

There is no strong reason for Pasupathy torturing the lead couple in unusual forms but also makes sure that they are alive for two days. There is nothing interesting or new in the way the encounter plot is hatched and the way the character of Pasupathy is finished off.

Debutant Ashwin Jerome fits the character with apt physique and body language but if he wishes to make it big as an actor he has to focus a lot on histrionics and dialogue delivery. Sowya looks pretty and her performance fits does justice to the character. Raju Sundaram despite bringing the menacing attitude of a serial killer with his looks and body language fails big time in dialogue deliver and due to that the build pup given to the character through the peppy theme music and slow movement shots falls flat. Ponvannan gives another neat performance as a senior police officer. Arun Raja Kamaraj

Achu Rajamani’s songs are peppy and different. He has done a good job with re-recording as well and his music is one of the few positive aspects of the film. Shreyas Krishna’s cinematography is adequate but the excessive use of lights is glaring at times.

Verdict: ‘Yaanum Theeyavan’ fails to attract in any manner and falls way below the satisfactory line.

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